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"A brand new Russian OS": do they break the GPL?..

  • JoeClark

    Hey there, fellas! I was just serfing around the Internet and found this weird stuff (in Russian).
    Let me explain for those who don’t understand Russian: guys from Russia made smth like an ubuntu distribtive, named it like “Russian operating system” and started to sell it for 5000 RUB (about 87 USD). BTW, costumers will pay for adding their unique “alpha-os” repository (it says that way on their website), and after all this users will also have to pay some money each year.
    So my question is: is it legal? I mean it looks like breaking the GPL, doesn’t it? Because i didn’t find any open source codes for their, as they say, “modified linux kernel called alpha core”.
    Thanks for ur attention!

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