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Will this graphics card "Fit" ??

  • JoeClark

    I have an asrock B150M Pro4 motherboard.

    I can see a pci express 3.0 slot on the motherboard.

    Seeing I know screw all about this type of thing…can someone much better versed/experienced than myself tell me if this going to be compatible, both with the motherboard and with the pci express 3.0 slot

    I am only installing this to sharpen up the display a little……not for gaming etc
    I have noticed ‘screen tearing’ when I scroll quite slowly down a page….usually of print…as I am reading.

    Screen tearing (to me) is a ‘wiggly’ line across the screen which “tears” the printed page apart for just a brief part of a second…
    The price of the linked item above is quite good and I do not expect it last very long…..

    For more you can check

    Hand Drawn animation

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