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Windows 10: Removing Hardware and Ejecting Media

  • JoeClark

    Not sure if this is the correct sub-forum to post this, so please feel free to move it if necessary.

    I have an issue that cropped up since the latest major update to Windows 10 that came out last week, although I have no idea if it is connected with that update or not. I’ve done a search on the internets for a similar situation, but haven’t hit on anything specific.

    I recently noticed a new “hidden icon” in the menu for them (on the task bar) that is prompting me to “Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media”. Right clicking on that icon shows me options to “Open Devices and Printers” and “Eject USB Root Hub (USB 3.0)”. Opening the folder for “Devices and Printers” shows the standard printer devices and peripherals, as well as an “Unspecified” device (the aforementioned USB Root Hub). Does anyone have any idea why this suddenly appeared, and why I am being prompted to remove it? Will removing it have any negative consequences?
    Please Help.
    Thanks !
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